Raw Gold Dore Bars
Payment Method: L/C, T/T, Cheque, Mobile Money, Paypal, Western Union
Unit Type:
Unit Price: $1
Transport Details: International Shipping, Local Shipping or Local Pickup


Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Raw Gold Dore Bars Buyers ready - Accredited companies are ready to buy Raw Dore Bars in FOB condition, payment immediately after tests at "Gold Coast Refinery" and PMMC and ITALTEC and also the possibility of opting for the licensed refineries in Ghana * Buyer or Buyer Representative travels to Ghana to watch the tests and make all payments after testing. Only in accordance with our conditions, terms and procedures of purchase and sale. Very important note: We do not accept to work with Buyers who are already in Ghana or who have their representatives already in Ghana or still residing in Ghana, - Buyers are verified and everyone must provide proof that they will travel to Ghana after signing our Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).


Feature 1:
Tranches: - First tranche: 10kg to 50Kg to build trust. - Buyers decide. - Subsequent tranches: 50kg to 200kg or more per month, (long-term contract, three years and more)
Feature 2:
After signed SPA, verified information from both parties, everything registered with a notary, seller takes the gold to "to the designated refinery, tests go and the Buyer pays to Seller, (T/T Buyer's Bank to Seller's Bank only) taking into account that: So, let me know about your availability to work with me
Feature 3:
We look forward to hearing from you asap, regardless of your decision, and we will always be available for serious discussions. Thank you.

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